Summer Fashion ideas to rank for

Fashion has now become a priority in everyone’s life. However, not many men care for such aesthetics after marriage and men don’t suit up like they used to. The dress sense is mostly based on their moods however it should not be. In most cases, the clothing should be adaptive or compatible with the climate, Which, In turn, gives a sense of comfort, and well being. The most common sight to be seen in crowded places, be it escalator or bus is the nasty smell of sweat that is generously made available to the next person. In summer please make sure to follow these tips, it has been proven that better dressing attracts more and speaks of person’s mindset.

Simple: Always use light clothes be it casuals and formals. It doesn’t matter whether you are slim or fat, but make sure to wear loose dresses. A t-shirt is more preferable in summer and will be very free and more comfortable. A collarless T-shirt is preferable.

Color: Selecting of a color dress is more important in summer. Avoid very dark colors and also never wear black color clothes in summer. If you wear dark or black shirts or pants you can’t stand in the hot sun even for few minutes. Don’t wear black pants with a black shirt.

Sunglasses: Always use sunglasses while going out and driving, so that you can save your precious eyes from sun effect. It also looks very stylish. Buy sunglasses with doctor’s consultation. Never purchase cheap quality as it may affect your eyes.

Pants: It is advisable that wearing of cargo pants will be more comfortable in the summer season. Also, don’t carry or put more items in the pockets.

Belt: it is also should be thin and slim, don’t press your belly or stomach by tightening the belt.

Hairs should be very short in summer. If hair is more than sweat come from the head will stay in the hair and you will get cold.

Like that many reasons are there, so always cut a hair very short and if you wish, shave off your hair completely but please shrug off some unwanted stares you might get! Dress according to your age and not according to the trends. It also gives smarter look and respect. If you are 50 plus and if you wear 20 plus it looks awful or abnormal. So be careful while dressing.In summer, try going for lighter shades colors as it would lower your body temperature and preferably cotton. There are khakis, shirts, and pants made of cotton that help to keep the sweat away and are comfortable to wear as well. Cotton casuals are the best bet for summer and are never out of fashion. Wear them to look and feel good this summer!